Sauti Sol Ft. Tiwa Savage – Girl Next Door


So, I’m gonna start off with that new Sauti Sol masterpiece because,…well, everybody loves music (some more than others which in this case, me more than you). It is not remotely fair to judge their music based on local standards because quite frankly, they transcended that ka-little cocoon eons ago.

As if it’s not enough that they create pure eargasms by themselves, they went ahead and added more sauce from the queen of Africa herself, my Bae, my future cougar, Tiwa (I call dibs).


Hands off man! She is mine!

I think by now we are accustomed to the fact that Sauti Sol can hop on to any type of beat thrown to them and turn it into something amazing. Speaking of, can someone please throw them a trap beat or some Mexican Quinceanera type shit?

I mean, these guys completely annihilated that…… (Reggae-ish) beat. Whatever Maleek Berry did to that beat, I need that kind of juju in my life! I am pretty sure wherever Shaggy is, he is pretty jealous right now. I would be if I was him but then again, is she we? Is we she? (Click here for reference).

Don’t even get me started on the songwriting. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, the Kenyan One Direction can definitely hold its own when it comes to their pen game but I’m pretty sure that extra oomph! Came from Fena so, thanks Fena!


There they are!

Now, the icing on the cake came from my most favorite videographer in Africa, Unlimited L.A. He is my most favorite for one simple reason; he has such a cool ass name! I mean, Unlimited L.A? Are you kidding me? Who even came up with that? Hit me up with some rapper names L.A. You know, something like, Limited Edition or Unqualified T.A. Btw, quick question, do you have anything to do with Airtel UnlimiNET?

With that being said, this incredible collaboration between local The Wanted, the Savage queen, some Fenamenal songwriter and the coolest video guy is definitely the best way to start the year. I literally haven’t recovered from the hypnotism of Melanin and am hit with this? Not cool bruh! Not cool! On second thought, Too Cool! Keep ‘em comin!



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