Migos, Cardi B and DJ Khaled Trending In Kenya



Kenyan music is great. Okay, I was being sarcastic, that is a big lie. Kenyan music sucks!…kinda. Before you call me a hater and say I don’t support local talent, I have enough social proof to prove it. (Proof to prove it? Hehe…I should be a rapper!)

First of all, you think so too. Yes, YOU. Even though you can’t openly admit it, you would rather have Rihanna or Nicki caressing your eardrums than hear another “Dus Nyau” from that Rongai guy (That’s where he is from right?). Relax! stop hiding your phone, i won’t tell anyone.

However, if you are one of those “Resistors” who stand by your country and its music and start odi-dancing on the road every time the politically-charged Nasa anthem blasts from any speakers close to you then you should go to YouTube and see what I’m talkin’ about.

Go to the trending section and count for me the number of Kenyan songs. One set of fingers is more than enough. If you don’t believe me,  Cardi B is currently sitting at number two as I write this. She would have been number one hadn’t our manna from heaven, Sauti Sol, dropped that fantastic video with my baby mama that I talked about here. Go and confirm, I’ll wait….

I can’t argue that the likes of DJ Khaled, Migos, Hov and Kungfu Kenny have been taking some major Ws of late but we have our own doing their thing too. Khaligraph is poppin’ as always, Timmy TDat is hot, Sauti Sol never slow down, and Willy Paul is always there jigi-jiging around! But being the Kenyans that we are, all I hear about is how Motor Sport is lit, DAMN. Is like the best album ever, Jay-Z still got it and DJ Khaled has the most famous and most financially secured baby ever.


There it it! Just look at them all happy and rich.

All the above facts are true, no one can deny that but aren’t we supposed to appreciate our own too? Is our music really that bad? Do you want to gouge your eyes out every time you see Willy Posse doing those “disco-matanga” moves in every video? I know I do. But we got some pretty good music too. Just go and listen to Sauti Sol and…and….you know, those other artists.


Let us all as the “Slay nation” try and support our own. I know it’s hard for obvious reasons but it doesn’t hurt to try (it actually does). Go and listen to…to…those nice Kenyan songs and let me know what you think.

Before I go; in Motor Sport are you TeamNicki or Team Cardi? I’m team Cardi fo sho!

Double O.p

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