Njugush Videos


I am a sucker for good comedy. Wait! I think everyone is-unless you are too serious or your life is too shitty of which you may need it more than I do.

So, just like every other loser out there with an internet connection, every time I am free – which is all the time – I hit up my roommate Mr. YouTube for some cool videos that could help me massacre time. As usual, I first bungee-jump into the trending section and find Migos or Cardi B top on the list, I shake my head in dismay  (in other words I SMH) then proceed to look for something to appease me and the Kenyan Google Analytics  Crew (I assume that is what they are called).

A little bird (not Twitter,hehe, get it? Little bird? Twitter? Okay) once whispered to me that former “Real House-helps of Kawangware” star Njugush has this comedy thing on lock. All it takes is like 2 minutes and you will be rolling on the floor laughing (in other words ROTFL) and high-fiving your dog. I was like “Shit! I don’t have a dog but am down to high-fiving my imaginary friend, Dante.” So I decided to have a look.

Me: Daamn Dante! This shit is fiiiiire!…Dante?….Dante?

Anyway, hands down Njugush has to be the funniest guy this side of the continent. Before you go all ‘Eric Omondi’ on me, let me give you my reasons:

  1. His approach is So. Fvckin. Relatable! I mean, a loudmouth guy you just gave lift to and is riding shotgun? Crazy ‘nduthi’ guys? Cat-calling gone wrong? That is the stuff we go through every single day!
  2. Simplicity: Njugush videos don’t rely on any gimmick or brand placement to captivate you. It is just simple and straight to the point. There is no Startimes backing him up or Enos Olik behind the lense. It is just Njugush and his lovely wife.

 Awww! How cute!

That’s it. I’m not giving you any other reasons. Two is enough; I like a minimalistic approach that is why it’s just me and Dante- I wonder where he went?

But that is just my opinion. Don’t take my word for it. Go and watch it for yourself then decide if Njugush does it for you or not.

This is the point where I give you the link to his channel but y’all are too lazy theez days. Go to YouTube and look that shit up yourselves!


Wait! I almost forgot, I promised my momma I will ‘try’ and be nice this year so, here you go….




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